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Wrote here for a while and then took a break and made changes in my life. Trying to make a come back now and hope to begin writing again soo


Don't talk

Don't think

Don't feel

Only listen and obey

You have nothing of worth to say

You only take up space

We don't want you in our face

Do what we say

And all will be okay

Your words mean absolutely nothing

To us they're not approved

We all know what's going on so

How can you be so rude

To think for yourself

And express your heart’s desire

Only we know what's in your heart

Only we know what's true

We reject what is your truth so,

Just what will you do?

Bow down to us and

Submit to our will

We are your almighty

You possess no sense or will

You have no capability

You have no self-worth

You are absolutely nothing

It is only us you serve

We know you better than you know yourself so

Why do you pretend to be human

When you are but nothing but lint

To be plucked from our clothing and

Flicked carelessly away

To then be stomped on

And left to die

Tell me

What will you do now?