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Urban Nature Ekphrastic Poem: Six Magnolias

Linda J. Wolff, is a Pacific Northwest writer, poet and the editor of Wolff Poetry, a go-to literary journal.

Urban Nature Ekphrastic Poem and Abstract Art: Six Magnolias

Do you see six magnolias?

Urban Ekphrastic Poem - Six Magnolias

Six magnolias at the end of branches, pink as
innocence. A fierce wind could shake them free.
The blue sky mirrors the loose petals

Above where clouds drift softly of different shapes and
sizes. We wonder if the blossoms will stay long or
will fall with the moon.

Like their fragile existence, they're caught between
Summer and Fall; the habitation scene stilled except
for the finches and squirrels.

What has happened before blossoms gave up their color to
the sun that absorbed their pink hues,
fading to white? Shadows discolor on dried, shriveled remains.

At this moment when life becomes nonexistent,
when the color leaves the branches to fall into the earthen crust,

a butterfly flutters into the light. Behind it darkness form.

© 2018 Linda J Wolff

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