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Urban Legend Poetically

Pagan Poetry is a specialty of mine - I have a website called TheGypsyThread with more of my work.


A Single Car on Lover's Lane

Moonlight Murders

Scratching Sounds

Of a Hook Hand

New Orleans Night Doctors

Black Bottle Men

Make the Living Dead

Maniacal Medicine

Cropsey's Axe

Underground on Staten Island

Willowbrook Woes

Missing children

A Strange Face in the Mirror

Reflection or Someone Else

Bloody Mary

She's Waiting


Have You Checked the Children

Don't Answer the Phone

He Knows You're Alone


Under the Clifton Bridge

Bodies Hanging

No Suspect Found

Featureless and White

What You Fear the Most

Answer His Question

Slender Man

Evening Revelry

Blacking Out

Bathtub Full of Ice

Kidney Missing

Fact or Fiction

Does it Matter?

Risk it All

Urban Legends

Urban Legends

Each stanza of this poem comes from a different urban legend. Some have roots that seem to lend credibility to the stories, but in the end, most are considered false or fictional....or are they?

Can you name them all?

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