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Up See Pooh Down See Me



Up see Pooh, Down see Me! I feel so sad when he’s so angry and grumpy
At least this time doesn’t seems to be my fault
Otherwise he’d try to kill me with his frown
Or burn a hole through my face with his deadly glare.

Since Christopher Robin saved Winnie the Pooh from ‘Galloping Grumps’
I asked Jesus Christ to save Sweetest Mr.Pooh and bring back his cheerfulness
Probably this news might cheer him since I found a way not to be obsessed
As I won’t be there to trouble him through my presence or rhymes.

Now come to think about finding a decent God fearing bachelor
Is like finding a needle in a haystack
I didn’t feel like the end of the world when rejected thrice by him
But after seeing Mr.Pooh so grumpy definitely felt like the end of the world.

I know Sweetest Pooh enjoys being the center of all attention
But I don’t know whether he likes being under the microscope
Because I know I wouldn’t feel comfortable or like that
Besides I know that Mr.Pooh is a very self conscience person .


When I was told that he doesn’t like me because I’m too small
It didn’t matter as I wasn’t really interested in him
But when I learnt that he likes my sister as she’s brainy and even though too small
Honestly I felt very sad as he was so unfair and even given such a lame excuse.

Yes sure, I mean everybody has their own preferences
I usually not drawn to a short guy, I like tall well built handsome ones
And not at all drawn to a man who looks like a boiled prawn
But I’m definitely drawn to Big Smiles, Maturity, Humility and Kindness.


I wonder whether he got some strange magic that draw me to him?
Whenever I see him all the other guys I thought handsome fades away
He’s even shorter than I am yet I’m so attracted to him
It seems he got some sort of magnetic power that gotten a hold of me.

I think I got so obsessed thinking he’s like my father
But I realized he’s actually more like my dad
He’s shorter than I am, lived in England
Even got a big tummy he’s so proud of.


My dad always thought that his stomach is a part of his charming personality
My dad would sleep inside the car while the females do the shopping
Even Sweetest Pooh shakes his leg while standing just like my dad
Their Sinhala pronunciation is quite funny due to British accent.

Even the both of their names end with having the meaning of Pear Tree
Both of them have no facial hair but a miniature jungle inside their noses
After all both of them like my sister better cos of her brains and the personality
Now knowing that I’m not sad as I’m my Father’s cute silly creative one of a kind gal 

Pear Travellers :)


According to an Indian friend I’m a stalker of Sweetest Mr.Pooh
Yet, I don’t even go where he goes except evening service and maybe his facebook page
Since the day I thought Sweetest Mr.Pooh is like my dad
I didn’t see Sweetest Mr.Pooh in my dreams.

In the poem Pooh and Pooh I’ve mentioned saying that
Winnie the Pooh likes his Maroon T-shirts
My mistake Winnie the Pooh likes red coloured T-shirts
But, Sweetest Mr.Pooh became Sweetest Mr.Pooh because of his Maroon T-shirt.


In the beginning itself I told Mr.Pooh not to take my poems into his heart
I have noticed that he reacts very positively to my silly rhymes
Though he doesn’t verbalize or comment his opinion
All these time with his actions he had been speaking out loud.

For a long time I’ve tried not to be so obvious that I write about him
As I only wrote one or two facts mixed with so many silly assumptions
Because of his communication through actions made it so real
I suppose it is his support that I became more and more inspired.


Although I don’t know what his real intention in reacting to my rhymes
I assume that he just wanted to show his support to my rhymes
Sometimes along with his friends ‘wives he attempted to prove me wrong
So I found him as a hilarious and fascinating person as he took my rhymes to his heart.

Being a soccer player Mr.Pooh had been sponsoring young cricketers
Just like my Dad who was a retired cricketer helped out newly cricketers
Even though he reminds me of my Dad, I still admire and adore Mr.Pooh
But I no longer feel sad or jealous of Sweetest Mr. Pooh’s favouritism as he’s not like my father.

© 2018 Rochelle Ann De Zoysa


Rochelle Ann De Zoysa (author) from Moratuwa, Sri Lanka on April 28, 2018:

Thank you CrisSP for your visit and am happy to hear that you enjoyed my rhymes :) Stay blessed !

Rochelle Ann De Zoysa (author) from Moratuwa, Sri Lanka on April 28, 2018:

Thank you Manatita for your kind words :)Blessing!

Rochelle Ann De Zoysa (author) from Moratuwa, Sri Lanka on April 28, 2018:

Thank you Frank for your visit to my hub :) Stay blessed !

CrisSp from Sky Is The Limit Adventure on April 27, 2018:

I like the clips of inspirational quotes here and the way you have expounded your thoughts on them are quite enjoyable.

manatita44 from london on April 25, 2018:

What can I say? A very interesting poem! Thank you, Rochelle. Much beauty in your Heart and life. Higher blessings

Frank Atanacio from Shelton on April 25, 2018:

what a delight.. it made me feel like a child all over again..

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