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Up Late For One Last Look

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The Month Of January More Than Half Over

What does this mean?

Time waits for no man or woman

We have to find ways to use our time wisely

It is here today and if not careful tomorrow will be quickly gone too

When we are busy

It is easy not to even notice

When we are slow

Time seems to drag

After a few weeks

You will be saying what I am saying

Where does the time go?

Out that old window with the winters heat

It is time that we stop clowning around

We have to be serious for a moment

Lets get down to business

It is too late

Not with that attitude

We are not going to get anywhere

Take a breath


We can always do all kinds of things

We forget as our eyes get tired

Heavy as they may be

We have to start at a point of interest

A point of major concern

We can make slow changes that will help us move in a direction

We will like and feel proud of

It might not be any big deal

A little movement of getting more sleep

Staying positive even though everyone around you is negative

Going back to the drawing board and working on an old idea

Reading one more chapter of a book

After a few yawns

i sit here in the pilot seat

With my trusted co-pilot by my side

Yes, my cat Charlotte is here to see me through

My wife in bed an hour ago

She had a busy but good day at work

She likes staying home

It gives her some time alone and less chatter at the office

Only her and our loyal companion Charlotte

At this time napping in the back room

Getting such needed rest

Twelve to fourteen hours is hardly enough

I know we can squeeze in a few more

My brain is shutting down

I have to pack it up for today

Charlotte your on your own

Mind the house

Mommy and Daddy will see you in the morning

Pleasant dreams

Tomorrow there will be more fish to fry