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Up Early And Telling Everyone Who Will Listen Something Special

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It Is A Lovely Day In Every Possible Way

I don't really know you

You really don't know me

It is here where we get to share

I get to talk and you can listen

You get to think

You get to decide

If what I am writing is worth your time?

Then you could choose to leave

I would hope that you would read on

I write because my mind tells me to

What is my motive?

To express my thoughts in a new way

To share my deepest and most wonderful feelings with the world

How is that done?

In many forms

In writing it can be one special word that triggers a connection to your past

I have one chance

If I bore you or you suddenly lose interest

I am done!

Over done like a steak overcooked

You can't go back

At anytime you can cut me off

You can drop me like a hot potato in your hands

So I look at my life and see what motivates me

I love action

So the best way I can describe action on paper is through the use of action words

These words will draw you in

Some people are thinking like a snake

I am thinking more like an artist

We are about to embark on a new journey

If I was a cartoon

I could reach you quickly with a Boom!

Then follow up with a Bang!

Now that I am not

I have to go stronger

Hit you like a fighter in the ring

Come at you fierce and relentless

Not giving you time to think or breathe

You are amazing!

You are special!

I only exist because you make it possible!

I need you!

This day is the first day of the rest of your life

How many times have you heard that line?

Make it count!

Make it your best day ever!

I am not telling you anything new

I am just reassuring what you already know

Go out there and kick butt!

Show the people you love that you care!

You are now thinking who are you to tell me what to do?

I have no business

So you do it your way

In any way you see fit

Those people that have done you wrong

Push them in the back of your mind

To fix at another time

They are not out of your life

Just not as important as you right now

I am talking about you

The person that has the potential to do whatever they want!

Now your thinking how does he know this ?

Because it is just a feeling

Like a mothers intuition

Now your thinking what do I know that you don't know?

The truth is nothing

What I am doing is saying what you are thinking

Before you think it

I am fast on my feet

Dodging your every bullet

How is that so ?

Because I just told you so

I am trying my best to get in your head before you get into mine

We all have to make a living

Finding a job to pay the bills

Survive and I hope do so much more

Love each other with our minds

Long before our bodies

So when you go off and do it is whatever you were going to do

Do it with style and grace!

With a passion so strong!

You make other peoples eyes weep

Can you do that ?

Then why are you still sitting here?


Go out and do it!


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