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Up Early And Getting Things Done

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I'm Awake Or At Least My Eyes Are Open

The days seem to slip by so quickly

On many occasions I have wondered where did the time go

So here is my honest attempt to make the best of this wonderful day

Lately my physical health has slowed me down

I know everyone gets aches and pains

So I am no different

I hope the way I experience my struggles

You can get a little insight to my life

Finding new ways of dealing with my problems

Might even give you suggestions to help you on your own setbacks or limitations

I have found ways to make me happier and give me more freedom than before

I sleep great every night and that is so amazing in itself

That alone gives me the energy to attempt to make things better

I love to read so that gives me more knowledge

With that knowledge I can make more choices

I turn to the experts in their own fields

So they can help me with my future decisions

The more things I do

The easier and quicker things get done

The more I can get out of life

Today being not my best day

I struggle with an ongoing discomfort

When I find time to relax

I use a foot massager that I enjoy very much

It puts me in a good mood

I love looking out our slider

Enjoying the view and the fresh air

Writing as I pull my creative thoughts together

Spending time with our cat Charlotte

Talking on the phone to an old high school friend

Recently connecting after many years

Has brought back a flood of memories

I once thought were gone for good

My wife and I look forward to so many new memories

Sharing the fun in our day

Stories of family and friends

Busy with work is not a problem

It is who we are and is part of life

Caring for others is not a hassle

It is what we do without question

Having friends who share the same values

Makes today one heck of a day

There will be times that seem gloomy and somewhat uncomfortable

With our chin up we will get through them

We make the call

Looking to the bright sunny skies of Fall

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