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Unwritten Story of the Past

Untold Story

Untold Story

Unwritten Stories of my heartaches

pouring out my soul

pouring out like paint.

Unwritten moments I sure remember

holding back the pain

A past now just a memory;

holding back what I had in my heart

leaving without a trace

then returning as if nothing happened.

What a cynical human being

having the audacity to come back

to relive this heartache.

Holding back the anger

Holding back the rage

hoping for a happy ending

I know will never come to play.

Months turning into years

happy for what took place

for now I know what true happiness is like.

Knowing my worth

Knowing the women I am today

thankful for those failed attempts

thankful for the wrong turns.

Now finding my purpose

now finding the true love I've always wanted

for once a failure is always a lesson;

be grateful and always push through.

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