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Unworldly Desires

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BeckyTP formally known as Rebecca Moraa is a student at Moi University Main Campus Kenya. My passion in poetry grew in primary school.

Torn into pieces
Ny itterances inapplicable
To a soul of utmost
Unworldly desires-
But how could he
Claque so much
Upon my act of kindness.

Literally; Yes...
They could have flown
But I had to hold
On to the rivers
Just a little longer-
Maybe; Just maybe-
Till I found where
Exactly to drain them.

For all those-
Red and white roses;
That brought with them
Colourful beads
Of amazing love;
But how much faster
Had they all
Turned crimson and
Well, much scary...

I felt like blutting;
My heart out
For the world to hear;
Oh! That would have
Me branded 'bluffer'
Left with one choice;
Yes, I just had to
Be strong enough
For the next course-
Since all I cared for
Nolonger fitted up...
It just didn't add up.

© 2018 BeckyTP

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