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I have stumbled across a new passion: writing. It is proving to be insightful and rewarding.

Brain Think Communication Intelligent Data Exchange

Brain Think Communication Intelligent Data Exchange

I hunger.
I crave.
I need.
I want.

A blank page stares at me.
The empty page starves for words to bring it to life.
It craves the passion words give it.
Living, breathing words set forth upon the page with loving intention.
The page now lives and gazes back with structured purpose.

What do I have to offer?
Are you searching like I am?
I write to quench my angst.
Can I look in the mirror to see a reflection with a clear conscience?

What is behind those dark eyes?
Where has your mind been?
Why can’t you find the satisfaction you yearn?
Do you believe?

How’s your attitude?
Do you set proper intentions?
Do you ask for help?
Are you in tune with your intuition?

There help is within.
Seek your guides.
Ask the angels.
Their words are your manna.

Are you satisfied with your life?
Do you have something to share?
We’ve all had our fill of sorrow.
Where would you like to be tomorrow?

Let us remember our roots and where we come from.
Let us quench the thirst our roots long for.
As time looks us in the eye, let’s keep a promise to ourselves to live life mindful of meaningful moments.
Let us rest our weariness among peaceful clouds of healing.

Where has your mind wandered?
Was your heart far behind?
How do your words find themselves?
Will you find yourself in those lines on the page?

Do you fly inward to where your dreams live?
Do you reach for the heavens and ask for wisdom?
Do you surrender your heart to that wisdom?
Who do you listen to?

Do the stars comfort your heart when you look up?
Is your morning coffee filled with the song of your dreams?
Do you sing the tune inside your heart with intention?
Continue to set your intentions to lead you to follow your heart.
That’s what dreams are made of.

As you slumber in the night time know you are being held and healed.
Strength of mind, body, and soul come from the dreams you hold in your heart.
Follow the discerning light to lead you home.
Live and love with the intelligence of the wisdom found in your heart’s dreams.

© 2020 Laurie S Novak