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"Untitled Pain"-Untitled Poem

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"Untitled Pain"


Emotional Healing

We all know about the healing power of writing and poetry; how just simply writing down your thoughts can release something in you that needed to be let go. This poem that I wrote in high school has that sort of vibe to it. There must have been something I was going through. More than likely it was the pain and lonliness and depression of my teenage mind gnawing at my insides like it did every single day. I look back at this poem and think it is magnificent. How I can hear the influence of great writers like Emily Dickinson in every line; how I can picture myself in my English class, writing stylistic poems influenced by my favorite authors of the time. Slyvia Plath, Emily Dickinson, basically any woman who wrote about pain and heartache and the feeling of death being right around the corner. Something about the darkness inspired me to write, inspired me to continue writing teenage angst poetry and depressed poetry for several years. Maybe it's laughable now, but I think there is a certain aspect of it that is magical, that is wonderous; the way I came up with these lines and rhymes and somehow made a poem where I sound like I'm living in the 1800s or something. It makes me smile to look back, even at the painful parts of my past and my life. Because now I know I'm healing, and the healing is the most important part of the journey. I hope you will enjoy this poem just as much as I do, and for just the same reasons as I, but what you make of it is your journey, dear reader.



Today I write my story

Tomorrow my song

I wish that in my memory

You will sing along

Can you feel it in your bones?

The mystery of me

Can you see me all alone

With pain and misery?

I once remember those happy days

And the times that I would smile

This helped me in so many ways

To keep me here a while

I finally saw the truth of it

The reality behind this pain

All of this was really fake

And in memory, I faint

I faint for all the sinners gone

And all the cruelest fakes

I wait for the forgotten long

And then my soul it takes

I give the pain another try

And jump into the grave

I sometimes wonder, tell me why,

I couldn't be this brave?

I take my leave and shut the door

And bring you one last gift

That feeling of that something more

Shall follow with a shift

I will remember only you

And these few words I say:

Let all of the truth shine through,

And bitterness, away!


I think it needs to be said before you go as it has been suggested in this poem. I was a very depressed teen. I had suicidal thoughts a lot. Suicide is never the answer, no matter what your mind says no matter what anyone else says to you. If you are struggling with suicidal thoughts, write, reach out to your friends and family, or someone close to you that you can trust. Call the suicide hotline. There are so many people out there going through the same feelings you are, and you are not alone. Whenever I used to hear the phrase "you are not alone" when I was in high school, I thought it was all crap to be honest, but as I have grown and matured as an adult, I understand that it is true. When you connect with other people who have been through the same struggles as you, or similar struggles, you have a connection to that person that is irreplaceable. You now have someone to talk to about these things, someone that feels the intense emotions you yourself are experiencing, and that helps, a lot. Don't be afraid to ask for help, and when in doubt, write, write write. Writing is the most therapeutic thing in the world to me, and for many others, it might be too.


© 2022 Anne Marie Carr

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