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Untitled 2011

Writings from deployment series, Wrote this when I was in Afghanistan 2011-2012.

Untitled 2011

So many thoughts.
So many things to think,
so little time,
with not enough rhyme.
It's hard to decipher all what's wrong.
I lay in twist and turns.
Feeling what yearns.
Stroll up to the plate,
ready to seek your fate
laying still
laying numb
laying cold.
Doubled up in triple layers,
laying to think,
Learning to learn,
caring for myself, always full.
Rustling through the thicket of the mind.
Running amuck.
Like an infectious rose,
its vines rapidly maturing.
Keeping focused.
Acknowledging the light.
and it's such a site,
to see its rouge
to smell its fruit fullness.
To bear view its intrusive thorn.
I snap back
like a Samari,
and think of the real world.
What a journey I've spent.
What an adventure awaits.
Entering another new phase.
Adding another chapter.
Chapters carved like snowflakes.
One isn't the same as the next.
Embrace the snow.

© 2022 Francesca Caterisano

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