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Until U

Dariann is a student at Indiana Wesleyan University majoring in Human Services. She's married, has two kids, and two cats.

If it pleases you, I’ll go

My weary mind, my broken soul

State your case like others have

On why I shouldn’t be alone

Rest assured that I’ll survive

Regardless of your angry cries

You’re not the only one, you know

I see it if I get too close

Flip a coin, decide my fate

A letter saying what’s at stake

I didn’t want to gamble you

Lost before the clock struck noon

Every day I wish I’d sought

Doctors that saw what I could not

Yearn for those who understand

Open hearts, outstretched hands

Until the sky’s a bit more blue,

Read each letter until U.

© 2020 Dariann Gretz

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