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Untenable Grudges

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Began the middle of the week on a sliding scale

One minute to the left and the next all the way down on the right

Unbalanced by this metaphorical seesaw existence

Needed a Dramamine from getting completely dizzy afterwards

Wondered where the time went and how to regain some back

Realized very quickly that it was impossible to go backwards

Startled by another sunrise and managed to miss it

Bombarded with too much nervousness from night before

Unsure as to why it occurred in the first place

Had a first bit of positive news yesterday

Wondered if my subconscious secretly wondered

About when another new shoe would drop down

Causing a thud of disappointment to reverberate through

Blocking out the previously kind and comforting sounds of before

Pushing them into obscurity as newer noises flooded airwaves

Searched for means to rise above the fray of problematic thinking

Been a mixed bag of success and setbacks depending on day

Decided that it was best to ride the wave as the tide rolled around

Emptying out all of the emotions that weighed me down

No longer interested in being angry about anything anymore

Served little purpose; except to prolong blame game and drama

Been through too many rounds of duking it out with no one

Deserved to have a rest from feeling too much of everything

Washing away anger and a long mended broken heart

An organ put together with staples and superglue

No longer felt as a smooth unbridled surface

Calcified to the touch and blisters to be found afterwards

Reserved in sentiment and ability to let new people in

Always looking for their ulterior motives and their end game

Less than ideal way to live a life with a different purpose

Unfair to those genuine article individuals indeed

Who said and did everything they meant

Didn't lie outright and kept their words for the most part

Decided to eradicate those doubtful emotions

Deserved no place in the future

Working to restore faith in fellow man

Before entering a different chapter in whatever capacity

Have to get rid of a few nagging splinters

In order to truly move on to something new.

Tired of looking for the next shoe to drop.

Tired of looking for the next shoe to drop.

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