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Untangling Turbulence


Quite simple why we travel
We need help to unravel
Sitting at empty airports
Leaving all the spare parts
Eager to wander through busy cities
The soul heals
Going away from all the feels
The place we call home
Is something unknown
Why come back?
Why is everything so black?


Do you feel the slight changes happening right now?
Can you embrace that part of yourself that simply wants to shed tears?
Can you feel the lightness after a heavy thought?
How do you feel when you're wandering your overfilled mind by yourself?
Are you able to do all this and still accept this is what you caught?
It has always been you darling
Ain't no time for falling
Everything around you is tiny hints
These tiny fireflies are giving you the strength
I guess the time to shine bright in the darkness has come

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