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Unsubstantiated Proof of a Changed Individual

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

A sense of maturity and rational thought

Caused a clearer vision in the sense

Of when they noticed that smoke was being blown

In their general direction just before a con was pulled

A grand hustle to camouflage the reality of a situation

After nearly two years with clear vision

Unwilling to have smoke anywhere near them

Preferred the pure democratic sense of honesty

Demanded it after so many face plants into the dirt

Ready to get up and clean off the glasses for good

No more falsehoods and misconceptions

Those bygone days completely eradicated

Not relying on the needs of someone else

To pick themselves up off the ground

Tired of lame platitudes and half baked plans

Actually loved punctuality for a change

Always believed that showing was better than telling

If you have to tell someone something repeatedly

It's not even remotely the truth; just an illusion

A lie to maintain the status quo and prevent exits

From parties, situations and even relationships

People who date someone that claims they're different

Don't believe it in the slightest

Proof always remained in what was done and not said

Maintaining a professional life that showcased responsibility

Able to pay your bills on time and not too many outstanding debts

Listened to your problems and was supportive unconditionally

Didn't always look to be part of the good times

And expected a night off whenever turbulence decided to hit

Craved the opposite when it came to their motion sickness

Realized that they were going to be forever stuck in neutral

Never evolving and never maintaining the same steady job

Bounced from partner to partner; always left when it grew serious

Time to put up or pull the ultimate disappearing act

Inevitably chose the latter option every time

A tiresome routine for a weary audience of 1

Stopped paying the exorbitant ticket price for a worthless show

Exiting the theatre for some actual sunshine

And no entertainment necessary

Had enough failed comedy for a lifetime.

A new stage to enjoy life.

A new stage to enjoy life.

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