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Unspoken Minds

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BeckyTP formally known as Rebecca Moraa is a student at Moi University Main Campus Kenya. My passion in poetry grew in primary school.

Hey Becky,
I'm talking to you,
Please don't ignore me.
I'm right here,
Can't you see me?

Love don't ignore me please,
I'm talking to you bae.
Can't you hear me?

Hey darling look at me,
What's wrong sweetie?
Am i that pathetic
Or am i invisible?

Tell me please.

By Becky:
I sit on the floor,
Where lay the flour,
Spilt and mixed with sand,
That it can't be separated.
I just wonder how it happened...

I keep asking myself,
Questions with no answers,
What should I have done,
That I didn't do ?
What should I have said,
That I didn't say ?
What did I do,
That I shouldn't have done ?

They all eat up my soul,
In the night of owls,
Am just scared and depressed,
Of things am not even sure of

BY Phyll:
Becky;i know I'm not perfect neither was i a good lover to you.
I messed up,i started fights,
I got jealous and overreacted.
I was only insecure.
It's only because I never wanted to share you with others because that would be my biggest chance of losing you.

And here now,
I'm left unspoken to!
Unexplained to!
Where did i wrong?
Where did i miss a mark?
Or it's because i didn't make you an arc.
But babe i made you an art that even the articles were eager to get a part.

Tell me please dear.

BY Becky:
Phyll I just can't stand you,
Because I got hurt in the process of loving you,
You were my everything,
When to you I was just a random girl...

I sit and think, but not straight ;
Coz each time I end up shading tears...
You kept starting fights,
Because you couldn't trust me an inch,
And I couldn't stand it all ; so I left.


BY Phyll:
You've now left...
Leaving me without a shade.
Stop reminding me of your tears
Cause you were only good at ears.
You've forgotten all those years
I kept you as my Cheer.

Remember before we became We before we decided to dump the You and Me , you kept on asking me why my ex left and now you were my next.

At first i couldn't answer
But now i have the answer.

Maybe you are the reason,
As to why she left the keyzone.
I feel like am holding a microphone;
Ready to let out the anger for once,
But i remember it's just a cellphone.

Shortly i hear my telephone,
Ringing at a low tone;
As if it's hidden under a stone.
So i just receive it with my low tone,
As i take my hot corn.
Though it tastes like limestone,
Mined from the ground stone.

Treasured goldstone,
To me you were.
But now your actions prove otherwise.

I shouldn't have fallen for your fake words and acts.

It's over Ex love.

BY Becky:
I didn't know what to expect,
So I gave up trying...
I thought I was a lesser being to you,
So I decided to quit holding on...
And here we are ; is there a *we* anyway ?

Am not sure of what I wanted exactly,
But I can tell that separation wasn't on the list...
What more could I have done anyway ?
When all we both did was give up on each other.

Though I sit and think each day,
Of what I should have done better ;
How much more I should have held on,
How better I could have handled the situations,
But I just end a frustrated soul,
Just full of streaming tears...
Becky's broken soul

© 2018 BeckyTP