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Unsent Farewell


I sat on my personalized soft sofa for a minute,

Having a whiskey on my right hand that are so perfect,

Plus, the quiet atmosphere on my tiny room,

A great moment to recall, rethink and get sad at the moment.

People kept on asking me if I am okay,

Is my sadness that too visible to notice?

I, myself kept on asking too,

Am I really okay?

Do Love needs to be this painful?

I thought it was kind of a happy feeling?

Why am I in such agony right now?

How dare he crosses my mind and stabbed my heart.

Until my tears kept on falling down,

My hand trembles as my heart shred into pieces,

I saw his bare existence came in front of me,

How he try to reach me but can't.

I can't help but cry in so much pain,

I should've told him how much he own every part of me,

We should've made so much memories to cherish,

If only I, can make him stay.

I looked at him with a painful smile,

He looked tired of seeing me this broken,

I tried to reach him like what I've always do,

Now, I think I should've let you go.

I tried to stand and pick the broken glass of whiskey,

Until, I felt my blood dripping on my hand,

I force to smile as I saw myself reflecting on the pieces,

I will try to be okay...until we meet again...