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I am a teenage amateur writer. Just trying to make my way through random things that keep me busy and away from my anxiety

Whenever there is something that goes wrong

Everyone points at the obvious factors

But there is someone

Wishing for it

Dreaming for it

Working on it

The one who caused a fire is the criminal

But what about the one who fueled it?

There are people who wish no good for you

Your secret enemies

Planning your failure

You can see them as everyday people in your life

While they are the villians of your dramatic life

Trust the ones who sacrificed for you

No the ones who left you alone

Cause sometimes strangers can be more of a friend than our actual pseudo buddies

If you think something is wrong in your life

Don't blame it on your fate

Blame it on your faith in the wrong people

If you think you don't have a good life

Think about the begger who envys your lifestyle

Cause remember you might be living someone's dream life

Live it

Enjoy it

And find your happiness

Maybe it's just a dream

That your problems are only your insecurities

And not the situations

Your happiness is unseen

Make it seen

For your sake

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