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Unrestrained (for the Very Last Time)

Hyn Edwit is a university student who rarely falls in love. This piece describes his experience, or at least the last bit of the tale.

It was just for a moment

A frenzy in my mind

The child in me was dreaming

Of what we used to be

And here I thought

I've already grown

Grown far enough to admit

I was the one

fabricating our fantasies,

Grown away from being

tied up from the sweetest of memories

Of you and me - deep, deep down

I tried to forget

And here I thought

I would never regret

Regret when the time comes

that I finally see your face smiling and

hear your voice laughing

with her, with him, with them...

without our memories,

without our dreams, our future

without us, without... me

I will embrace you in my vision

Cause it's the only thing I can possibly do

I will feel your warmth through my tears

Cause I know your dreams have come true

I will forever hold our memories dearly

Cause these were my only connection to you

Now, I need to say goodbye

But I never thought that

for the very last time...

I'd let you see me cry

© 2020 Hyn Edwit

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