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Unrelenting Changes

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Everything can change in a single moment; nothing ever stays the same.

Often, this is a thought that brings comfort.

The pain, sorrow, boredom will pass and something new and different will take its place.

Conversely, moments of pure joy, happiness, and content also change.

Often changes, bring more changes, which bring more changes. Each additional change creates momentum for the future.

In some cases, the momentum is detrimental. Death brings grief, which leads to more death.

Sickness breeds sickness.

It feels like a washer machine: your scrambled, lost, overwhelmed, and tossed every which way.

Then the spin slows, a glimpse of happiness and regularity. Only to go back to a full spin moments later.

Drowning, gasping for air, for forgiveness, to forget or to be able to enjoy joy without fear of what awaits.

Change is inevitable, but momentum at times feels constant and unrelenting.

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