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Unpublished Poems From My 2017 Notes

Artchelle Arcillas is an avid reader of poetry in all forms. She is a poetry contributor of Poets Unlimited, a poetry publication in Medium.

Internal Death

Internal Death

I chose not to publish these poems because I was planning to include them on my manuscript. And I did, it is just that I wasn't lucky enough to get published at that time.

Getting myself published is still on my bucket list. You're mistaken if you think I gave up.

I won't. I'll just equip myself through experience from my fellow poets.

Enough with chatters! Here are a couple of my unpublished poems.

Hoping you'll enjoy it.

  • Internal Death

His words,

how deep it has pierced,

the unfathomable stabs,

the scarring verse---

A purified sword summoned

to shatter the loving-being

in me.

  • Ghosted

    Locked within words of cheer,

    the intimate talks,

    exchange perspectives,

    little brushes of fingers to mine,

    I held tight to the belief

    we’re fine.

    In a snap,

    you disappeared.

    Without hints,

    left me in countless


    unanswered till now.

  • Buried Words

    My heart could bear a thousand stabs.

    Don't mind me breaking, shattered to pieces.

    I won't die.

    Tell me everything. Don't ever veil a single lie.

    For once I knew, heaven knows what you ought to get in return.

    I would kill not only your existence in me but your smiles…

    I broke myself just to paint.

That's it for now. Let me know your thoughts below.

Sending virtual hugs... :)

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