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The Unpredictable Love-Life

Mohit jha has a keen interest in all aspects of poetry and writes extensively on the subject. His poems are published online and in prints.

The Unpredictable Love - Life

Who can tell this visit is the first or last.

Do not know how many times I have met you.

and how many more I have yet to meet.

Every time there is a character like me.

Don't know how many stories I have mentioned.

and how many stories are yet to be written.

I have been driving for centuries with a convoy.

Don't know which destination is looking for,

And where it is yet to reach.

Have heard a hundred paths go towards her border.

I could not find a single one,

it seems that mindless steps are yet to wander.

Neither has stopped, nor will it stop the process of rivalries' O Companion.

Don't know how much time I am broken,

how much more is left to be broken.

In dreams, the dream is seeing your effigy of a soil on the ground.

Just a blink of an eyelid remains in the dream of his dreams.

Out of the realm of existence,

I have lost my life.

Just the breathlessness and soullessness remains.

In search of that light, which is wandering from place to place.

Who can tell if this visit is the first or last,

Don't know how many times I have met you,

and how many times I have yet to meet .......

© 2020 Mohit Jha