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Unpaid For Purchase: Covid-19


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He was a research student,

Was given a grant by

The government of his region

To travel to overseas country

To be able to work

With other experts and researchers

In his field, so that

His dissertation would be unique

And would be a world standard,

Thesis. Everyone was happy for

Him for being given the

Grant because in their country

Nothing like that could be

Achieved easily, it takes time

Coupled with you knowing the

Crème-de-la-crème of the society

But he did not know

People in higher positions in

His country, or so we trust

But he was lucky one

He has a wonderful supervisor

Who had a friend among the

Senators of the country, he

Presented his case to his friend

The senator contacted the Chairman

Committee of Education at the

Upper chambers, who happened to

Be his close pal

This senator over-ruled all procedures

And the grant for his research

Came directly from the special

Quarters as being directed by Senator

The controlling bank of his country

Was responsible for the funding

Of the grant to travel out, for

He received anonymous call

It was a congratulatory call

From one of the officers of

The Central Bank of his country,

And has been mandated to contact him

By the highest authority

In the land to give him the grant

To go for further researches

With respect to his research

Outside their country so that

His research would be a

World standard one. He was

Elated to receive the news

His people too were joyous

For they believed their son

Has broken through and forth

With the development.

It was thanksgiving galore in

The religious house to which

He belonged the day prior his

Leaving the country for another

On getting to the country

He sets the ball rolling

Immediately, because he does not

Wish to stay longer than necessary

However, his desire would not

Be through because the senior

Analyst and professor of the department

Traveled and won’t return early

He waited as he continues

To learn things about his

Discipline in the country. He

Really gained a lot from them

At the end of his fourth

Week in another man’s land

Message got to the department

Of professor’s arrival date

He would arrive the following

Week. He was happy to hear

That, and he couldn’t wait

For Professor’s arrival day

Finally professor arrived and the

Following day puts him through

Those things he need to know

Which he has not known

This would not exceed two

Days, for professor has told

Him that ahead of his arrival

Thus, he has booked his return ticket

The following day, he left the

Country for his land, with vigor,

Enthusiastic to go and submit his

Thesis and impact positively the people

Days after he got to his

Country and region, he heard

Of the outbreak of Covid-19

In the country he went to

As the government of the

Country continues to test people, his

His analyst, Professor, was tested

His result came out positive

He has been incubating the

Infection in him all the while

And has been transferring it

To people close to him

He has been quarantined. When

He heard the news he went

To disease control center of his country

For test. Contrary to official statement

The official statement of the

Country was that they could

Not be affected. But when

He arrived and was tested

The story changed as he also

Tested positive for the disease

He has also been transferring

Disease to many in his country

The government discovers that there

Is problem in their hands, calls

For lock down and isolation

Of people in contact with him

He was unable to finish his

Research, as a day after testing

Positive, his infirmity became severe

By the third day he died.

Some of those infected were able

To scale through, and it

Was stated that their immunity

Was strong, that’s why they ain’t affected.

It is a sorry case for the

Young, vibrant and intelligent chap

As he couldn’t complete his work

Neither reap the fruit of his labor.



OLUSEGUN (author) from NIGERIA on March 27, 2020:

@Jason Nicolosi, Thanks. I appreciate. We are on lock-down already in Ilorin, Nigeria. I will.

Jason Nicolosi from AZ on March 27, 2020:

This was a very sad story. It shows how devastating this virus can be. It also shows how easily it spreads. You may have it and not even realize that you're spreading it. Try to avoid crowds and stay home. Nice job Olusegun. Stay safe and healthy.

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