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No Life

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No life..
Not goin nowhere
Cant see nobody
Not doin anything
Wonder why I wanna get away..
It's not bein "grown"
Not about "rushin" to grow up
It's me havin my shit together at a young age
The way it should be
The way I'm makin it..
Wonder why I dont ask for nothin or wanna be around anybody
When I talk it's a problem
When I'm around people I rather be alone
Wonder why I am the way I am
Why I act the way I act
Why we will never get along
I have no life..
My way of life is seeing people I wanna see
Goin places I wanna go
Doin things I wanna do
My happiness..
Takin my happiness away cause I'm not livin my life..
This no life shit is gettin annoyin..

© 2019 Riah Doll