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Unknown Journey

She prayed an answerless prayer,

but she's seen it drifted by the waves.

She emptied every cup of failure and resent,

yet, she cried it all like a gathered tears.

She wished an ungranted wish,

in a blink of an eye it fades along with the twilight.

Maybe life's full of uncertainty-

that her time will never be favored with yours.

And as she walks down the road,

she tried to find out how to finish her poem.

On the paper, she's written down

her skedaddling emotions.

But like a candle, her lips ran out of words

and her pens ran out of inks.

It was the chasmic notion that

drove her to her destination.

A realization that she can't always

have what she wants.

Even though she wrestles with destiny,

the world's recondite- forever complex.

Tough it is to bear even though she's aware.

Although blasted on her temple by the cruel fate,

still, she continues to believe these perilous buffoons.

And in this reality that's plastered by illusions-

on this unknown journey, her soul carries on.

© 2021 Anne Mitz Escal

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