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Balancing her World

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Balancing her world along

with the fantasy that she

has built inside her head.

Learning what can be

trusted and what needs

to be ignored and let go.

Knowing that she is

only a pawn in a sea

of people who like

to play the game.

Realizing that her fantasy

is better than he reality.

Lost in what isn’t real

but drowning in the

fantasy of what she

wants it all to be.

Having lost the strongest

figure in her life

and not knowing how

to cope with the

betrayal of it all.

Knowing she can’t bring

him back, but not

wanting to let go.

Needing the reassurance that

he constantly provided, but

knowing that she will

never have that again.

Drinking in the idea that

those days are in the

distant past, but not

understand why he was

taken so quickly from her.

But knowing that it

is what was best

even if she doesn’t

like it in the least.


© 2020 Emily

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