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Unjust Exposition


The brutality, the veritable insanity, exposed to the young these days,

Makes them grow up in a twisted way, this exposition won't go away.

The violence, apathy paid to it all, warps and maims the younger mind,

Never to fear, the gross wrongs here, the real cause children go astray.

Oh, blue-eyed babes of yesteryear, what have we done and to change,

How can we prevent these gross misdeeds, help young lives rearrange?

The media, and gaming games, warp young minds, promoting violence,

Without overseeing and mediating, all the worst is allowed, is nonsense.


It is so long past time for adults to take charge, oversee what is shown,

That is the reason there are laws in this land, we can't change, all alone.

Why do the wrongdoers get away with that trash, movies portraying evil,

The very future of this society is at stake, before it's too late, a reprieval.

Parental concern should take a turn, a closer watching what is played,

New laws more strict in their make-up, all to be true blue, no off-shade.

Meeting head on the dire need for change, better to form a kids mind,

Start being grownup and not sheep in a pasture, open eyes, once blind.


Say goodbye to Yellow Brick Roads, the cartoons and of all make believe,

There will be no more fantasy land, as our children so subject to deceive.

Over the rainbow, somewhere, an answer one day to be there, us to find,

But as long as we do permit, laxness never to quit, we're out of our mind.


whonunuwho (author) from United States on July 10, 2018:

Thank you my friend Many blessings to you and yours. whonu

Shyron E Shenko from Texas on July 09, 2018:

Fantastic poetry and your prediction is chilling but true.

Blessings always my friend.

whonunuwho (author) from United States on July 09, 2018:

Thank you Gypsy and many blessings. whonu

Gypsy Rose Lee from Daytona Beach, Florida on July 09, 2018:

Oh, this was just awesome poetry. Loved it and a fantastic ending.

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