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Universe in Reverse


Multiplicity not to be over-exaggerated,

Those brilliant stars, all in this universe,

Grandest galaxies, within more galaxies,

Of all that's of infinity, takes to trasverse.

Solar systems beyond any huge count,

Hailed by comets, streaking meteors.

Once molten metallic or made of stone,

All strewn, now with hardened exteriors.


Its great masses are now in its reversal,

As if viewed in some kind of a rehearsal.

Withdrawing forms, unwidening norms,

Shrinking from colossal to smaller forms.

Solar systems in every orbit, much smaller,

Their lights, once so bright, lit up the night.

Reform into molten states, does each star,

As globs of mass return, not to be cast afar.


Soon the stars are so reduced in numbers,

As all have returned, now in their slumbers.

The comets and meteors all no longer to fly,

As their sources no longer spin, by and by.

Shrinking of systems, now smaller galaxies,

No longer crisscross over the universal plain.

The once brightest orbs in the heavens, gone,

Reduced to emptiness, every smallest grain.


Now one massive orb of brilliance does shine,

Surrounded by darkness, remains as a shrine.

Then, without notice, this light now goes away,

To a final pin point, then black does only stay.

What celestial creation, by an entity, of a hand,

Forms every portion, the universe, as so grand?

A chemical reaction, or a great artist at his best,

This fantastic undertaking, with our eyes, do attest.


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