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Universe (Poem)


Stars dazzling throughout the night sky,

twinkling in each and every kind.

Shooting stars that unexpectedly shown up in the dark sky,

wishing you good luck on your journey from afar.

Gleaming and shining city lights,

with cars and house lights in the night time.

Walking with you with our holding hands,

together in the dark night let's shine together with our own glance.

Watching the sea reflects the moon's appearance,

while the waves and atmosphere is at peace.

Laying down with you at the sandy shore,

listening to the waves and your sleepy head snore.

Together in the boat sailing in the middle of the ocean,

paddling forever like there's no island to be found.

In every struggles and hardships we face,

I'll stay with you to help you overcome all of it.

Dancing with you 'till the end,

never get tired of doing something with you while you're by my side.

Look me in the eyes,

and see the universe in me.

There are a more than a million stars twinkling up in the sky,

shining through darkness in the vast universe.

There's only one that I only choose,

Even though it's hard to find, I would risk it all.

Laying down on our back in a grassy field,

with my head lying on your soft arms.

All I smell is your scent,

and all I hear is your heartbeat and breath.

We've fall asleep together so fast,

hugging each other with our eyes closed.

Humming the music you've liked,

and tapping your back with my right hand.

Kissing you at the middle of the orange sunset,

giving you all the love that I can.

Let me hold your hands one last time,

and let's see the stars together with you forever lifetime.

Don't cry and feel lonely when I disappear,

don't be sad when I'm not by your side.

Just look the starry night sky and remember the memories we've made,

I'll promise you that someday I'll be back.

© 2021 Luckyfortom Malidom Salbino


semiiiirnee on September 06, 2021:


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