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Have you ever really seen
the colors of the trees
this time of year?
Have you ever been in love
such that the eye will not
stop bleeding in awe,
tear after beautiful tear?

yellow, orange, red
and everything inbetween
every breath taking vista
all cycles of death and rebirth
during the seasons of the earth

Have you ever listened to
the divine secrets whispered by the wind
to the trees,
reproduced by the birds,
the bees,
the man as well as the beast?

Do you ever ponder on complexity of thought,
it's nature, as well as the One, it's creator?
Things of beauty, simplicity, and complexity
which fill you with dread, wonder and awe
a black hole, a pulsar, a supernova,
or a little child jumping on the sofa

The depth of words can only be
as deep or shallow as the reader
since words are like a flash light,
when I point them in a direction,
some can only see with outer eye
while others apply their inner intuition

© 2019 Mo Durrani

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