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Unite, Be Strong, and Win

Time For Facts, Not Fear... How Very True


The anxiety builds, more and more each day
The pessimists cry, the religious they pray
The optimists believe that the worry is small
Yet the death toll rises and the weak fall

More Incompetence


No plan is made, at least not one in place
Total incompetence, it's a complete disgrace
So many bold face lies being told
No direction, their falsehoods make us old

Denying is Lying


The danger is Nay Sayers without a clue
If they get infected, what will they do?
People stock pile items that don't mean a thing
Compassion and caring is what we need bring

Unite, Fight, and Win


Face masks, toilet paper and wash for the hand
Useless to all, if we don't take a stand
Coming together, learn all that we possibly can
Fight for the truth to the last woman and man.

This Is The Situation


If you've read this far, you probably have realized poetry isn't at the top of my skill set. It just so happens some days I get more inspired than others. Regardless of all that, I think that an uninformed public, or one that is being constantly lied to is dangerous.

A well informed public is less to panic and the more we know, the better we can deal with bad situations. If there isn't proper information given to people, they tend to improvise, and as good as improvisation can be in a comedy sketch, it doesn't always fit in a serious situation.

Not all things fit in a "box", and lying about those situations isn't helping anyone except those who are telling the lies, and in this case, telling lies to try and win an election is dangerous.

Learn all you can, do what PROFESSIONALS who know what they are talking about tell you to do. Above all, be kind and try to help those who need it, because it could turn out that you may need help to!

© 2020 Raymond Oickle

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