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Unique Creation of God

No connoisseur of priceless creation

God created a unique creation and she came to life in the from of a woman.

What would be have done thinking that he himself would be surprised.

His work became even more amazing with his thoughts, his imagination.

So much he made her unlimited that she would also bow down to this act.

By making a woman, God gave this universe a supernatural power.

She made it an ocean of mercy and the goddess of compassion.

He was ecstatic when he landed this marvellous masterpiece on the earth.

He had no idea that this priceless creation of mine would be scorned like this.

She will not be anywhere in the form that you made her ,She will be unimaginable.

Everywhere her disdain would be boycott disgrace she would be guilty everywhere.

You have given her immense strength, but she will be here in front of everyone.

You have made an idol of compassion, she will be helpless here in everything.

You made her so innocent by giving her power.she became neutral in everything.

Made such a unique art work and kept such a delicate heart in it.

She gave power but why did she give so much pain that she is helpless and helpless?

He is not free on earth, he is imprisoned in the rights of others.

You too will not have such a feeling that my work will have this value.

Even after being so rich, here he is non- existent for himself.

You priceless creation has no value here, it is worthless.

Why did she want to take revenge from you for this pain of hers?

Did you come to mind that why did I land on this earth?

If I had made it, I also had to become fearless by not becoming a goddess.

Or did not give compassion to love or would not let it come to the earth.

Your boon is incomparable but not compared to it here.

Here your creation is in great pain, it's sorrow is coming out in infinite tears.

He has a strong desire that oh God, you should not give birth to me.

This earth is not worthy of your blessings, these people do not know your miracles.

Your priceless thing here is the price of a penny, no one knows about it.

Every where he has to fight for himself, he is not as free as you made him, not his form.

He was tested from place to place as if he were a commodity.

No, there is no trace of him on this earth who has any value.

It's impurity is being scattered on the earth, due to which the wet land.

His pain is limitless, due to which the whole earth is filled in the form of volcano.

Oh God, now this volcano is about to explode and everything will be swept away in it.

Whoever does your creation will not be insulted he will have any respect towards destruction.

Everywhere he is silent, no one is his type, he is only a blasphemy.

He prayed to you why did you create me, why did you send me in to reality in this world?

Not worthy, this world is your creation for me, but you do it for me, for whatever the development to the earth is.

Please accept your prayer and listen to this compassionate call and make his dream come true.

Let's create such an earth where your beautiful work is respected, it will always be with its own beauty with its own mind.

© 2021 Sultanakhan

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