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Union of the Disjointed Spirit

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Having another dream; except this time actually awake

Head, heart and legs all stuck in different zip codes

Nothing managed to connect to the page or screen

Words were heard in an incoherent jumble

Distracted by worries of the realistic and the not-so variety

Garnered a few moments of having people scratch their heads

Pondering what was on going on upstairs in the logic department

Unintentionally going overboard to compensate for nerves

Exercising on a small stepper to oblivion in the living room

Unclear as to whether this idea helped or hindered inevitable

Trying to burn off stress before it burned me out in process

Tired of being a guinea pig; a test subject for doctors to play with

Poked, prodded and dissected until nothing remained

Just a shell with a few meager bones to display

As for the day to day logic, nothing existed at all

No longer sure as to what day of the week it was

Every single day seemed to blur into one long blob

Trusted instincts misjudged by those in authority

Made to feel less than when nothing can be proven

Embarrassed to be carrying this defeated sentiment

When others have harsher circumstances than this

Simply have been through a lot this year

Shoulders worn into stubs from lifting so much weight

Tired and bedraggled in an effort to cover everything up

Cracks showing in the internal and external foundation

Given up the compulsion to care about anything

When it all seemed to be for naught

Either imploding or exploding upon contact

On an endless treadmill to nowhere

Looking to either get off or find a different ride

One with more reliability than this particular journey

Travel blogs lied about this destination for sure

Nothing exotic to be found for miles

Only indoor cold and sterile environments

Ready for some sunshine and no worries to plague me.

Letting hair hang down and be a slacker for a change

Anything would be better than what's happening now.

Ready to take a step to somewhere.

Ready to take a step to somewhere.

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