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Unfulfilled Love


I found him where I sought him

Our countenances shining with the inner joy of true friends

But as a soundless lark, my eyes must surely convey

The things I dare not to say

He is just close enough I cannot touch

Though I have yearned to

I want to explore the depths of his gaze

And learn all that lies behind it

Instead, in trepidation, I stumble toward safety

There is a look of hurt in his eyes so

I turn to him once more

A gentle breeze blows at a wisp of his unkempt hair

Beneath a moon and star-lit sky

He is so endearing

Deeply touched, I reach out for his embrace

Expecting a place of warmth and solace

I want to bury my head in his chest until reality fades away

Our arms frozen in space as if by force

An icy wind howls between us

And the sky turns an inky black

I can see him no more

Knees hugged tightly against my chest

I bury my thoughts deep in my soul

I wish him well