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Unforeseen Growth in Failure

Poetry is turning out to be a very cathartic medium, I should do this more often.

Failure is part of the path to success, just pick yourself up and keep on trucking.

Failure is part of the path to success, just pick yourself up and keep on trucking.

It isn't enough to be swept along,

For even the river wishes you to will.

You must swim with a passion so strong,

That the flow itself stands ever still.

In that moment where it all comes to a pause,

You can find the guidance of the divine.

There's no devil's deal with a special clause,

Look to your own power as a definitive sign.

For I found God with not a church in sight,

No believers were anywhere to be found at all.

There was no preacher within the guidance of this light,

Nor did I need man's teachings to stand tall.

On this journey through life I found a reprieve,

It was in the suffering I never expected.

I stumbled upon it when I tried to retrieve,

Good memories of the past formerly rejected.

Now I'm sitting in the lap of recovery,

Grasping at faith I felt was long past.

Old knowledge feeling like a new discovery,

And inspiration is filling up fast.

God Is in Us

For so very long I've turned from the idea of there being a God, and let's face it, there's a huge difference between those that worship God and the ones who try to be Godly. I've always felt that there must be a way to bring to life the same sentiments that religions rarely bring into practice purely for their latent value. I've lost hope that God can be awakened within us on a large scale, but not on the small scale.

God is within you, me, and everyone we pass on the street during our day. It is up to us to bring God into this world, not God's job to simply be there eternally. Will you be one of the rare few to manifest God, or are you of the ever-apathy-stricken majority?

Let's awaken God in our communities one person at a time.

© 2021 Kyler J Falk