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Genuine, sincere, and unfeigned praises are due unto You Creator,

Provider of breath and life, time and space, world, earth, and the universe,

I rehearse in my heart, and soul the song of the universe,

The first and one verse “I repent”

So that I may offer my sacrifice of praise,

Allow it to meet Your expectations,

Prayer is my rehearsal,

Praise my melody,

Thanksgiving my orchestra,

In order to complete my worship in the chords of repentance,

Before, during, and after my arrival,

Provisions are created, made known to me to hear the sounds of music,

Instructions, and information in telling the spirit, and soul of Your wonders,

You are the focus, and the highlight of prayer, praise, thanksgiving, and worship.

In spirit and truth, in breath and repentance,

I deem and esteem You exclusively worthy,

I honor and respect Your glory,

I offer repentance so that I do not touch Your Glory,

In or with any kind of vainglory,

Allowing Your glory to shine upon me,

I come to the portal, and space is provided to me for repentance,

To think correctly, and right, to fulfill the virtues for worship,

Meditation is the medication to pause to think, and be careful,

Righteousness is honorable in all things,

I respect and reverence You, with all thoughtfulness,

But, not without my offerings of repentance for cleansing,

Amending my every thought, intent, desire, motive, and action simultaneously,

Synchronizing purity unfeigned with the balance of justice and mercy provided,

For the journey of my glory towards glory,

You are equipping me to travel from glory to glory,

Adding all that I need daily,

Supplying me with a daily portion,

Value and worth come to and through me for being,

Standards are ever-present and omnipresent,


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