Unexpected Real Life Street Performance Artist

Updated on August 7, 2018
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Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 12 years.

Many believed that the world at large

Was their ultimate oyster to be devoured in one bite

Others considered it to be ideally large stage

Where they can perform at will and no shortage of audience

Millions of people around to entertain

Ten disappear; another twenty five more pop into the view finder

Don't need too many costumes; just have to bring enough personalities

To get audiences to either notice or be slightly disturbed by

Depending on the day or the mood of the moment

Performers and creative minds tended to be mercurial creatures

Never knew what you were going to get with them hour by hour

The pressure to only be on your mark harder than many believed

Wanted to be the perfect performer/earner for the family

Just always fell slightly short of their projected earnings each quarter

Met with stern looks and even harsher remarks from the critic du jour

When it came time for the year end performance review done by the boss

Thought the work and the smiles spoke for themselves

Turned out that was all a fa├žade to placate the gentle soul

Made them into a workhorse to only find out the end result didn't matter

Searched for a greater purpose in this worldly stage of life

Wanted to treat it like Sally Bowles' Cabaret act, but it was impossible to do

Without the confidence or the singing voice to pull it off

Have to be content in bringing in the laughs from behind the stage

Feeding the lines to the Lizas of the world who could say it more confidently

Time to find an inner sense of peace of being a bit player than a lead actress

Even the bit players get memorable moments every now and again

They can steal the show; or the Marlon Brando type from the star

If they weren't too careful and too callous in their treatment of their leading man

Decided to take some downtime and come up with a new act

Fine tune it and rehearse it down pat before taking it to the stage

With a new level of realistic bravado and a devil may care attitude

That's when the right time will come to take center stage

Despite what anyone else may think.

Watch out, world. Found a new stage to perform on.
Watch out, world. Found a new stage to perform on.


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