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Unexpected Adventure

Happy to share my spontaneous poetries with the world through the hubpages platform.


'Expect the unexpected'

My catchy quote that day.

Optimistic was my view then,

Hoping for sweeter days.

My world being chaotic

Yet was I not stopped

From hoping for calmness

That will engulf me around.

Then there was fear

That strangled me within.

Optimism helped not;

Scorn was I to them.

I sat down praying to God

Assure me, yes, He did.

Yet belief in me hid, and I,

I said 'No, not me, not me,

I am not usable in great ways.'

He took me as He planned

To this decorated land.

I still question every day

Yet He shows me that His love;

His love is still enough

To see me through all day.

Now I know in all stillness;

His plan is greater than mine.

The great author holds the pen.

He knows how the story goes..


© 2020 Angel Writes

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