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Uneven Pieces of A Broken Heart

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I am always fascinated on the power of lyricism and poetry. This poem is inspired by stories about experiences at Silliman Bea


An empty bed

A silent room

A cold beer

In a warm afternoon

The closet is free

The kitchen is at peace

Beneath the sofa

Memories bought a lease

I lean over the window,

The height is inviting

To test the limits of the human body

Defy gravity

It might be exciting

I am very sure

If I took that path

I won’t be alone

But it will be a painful endeavor

Having no family to own

I’d guess I’ll skip that part

Maybe some other day

The clouds are holding up well

Even if they are grayer than grey

Forty days pass

In grief

Holding on to the past

Life has lost excitement

In clutch with a broken piece of glass

I thought I was prepared

But I failed to plan

When there is no white light

At the end of the tunnel

Where would I run?

Everything went dark

The day I lost the sight of you

Leading with no direction

And without you

My legs fall through

I have realized my mistake

Though it is now too late

I should have held on

When you were just walking away

Now that you are gone

Happy, in somebody else’s arms

The fuse is lit

Sanity is slipping

The clock is ticking

Ready and armed

Life is not fair

We were two matching pieces

Broken in half

My life fell apart


Yours would have

But as tears

Bled from these eyes

And I am confessing it now

You never shed your tear

As you walk pass our promises

Wine glasses and gowns

Were you even sad

Even for just a moment

Or you celebrated

As I grieve in silence?

I’m screaming

This torment

Is haunting

I’m broken

Your not

You have your smiles

Your warmth

I’m needing

But you successfully maintained your distance

Established your statement

From what I felt

You were comfortably saying

We are better this way

In distance, apart

We all take care

We can never be together

And what is in the ground

Two uneven pieces

Of a broken heart

© 2020 Erl Sua