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Unequal Destinies


Rice and potatoes every night

Wining about finances and its fright

Classy apparels swim about

As the poor man sits with a sad little pout.

Counting coins and coal for fire

It's the end of the month, situation dire

Note the dark route from hand to mouth

Aptitudes and happy rhymes go south.

Then comes a day of extreme plight

Of thin threads and scanty clothes held tight

Leisure days for some who like to splurge

Brown twisted face of a struggling urge.

Rainbows with just a single colour

Cries out loud with a morose pallor

A violent desire to end principles

The idea becomes sanguine and simple.

Out come the weapons and intent

A man made of pathos and discontent

Just one step out of good and right

A stab and a steal to end his might.

Guess who is to blame for such distress

Is it the world or a perp in stress?

Divisions so wide you can hardly see its ends

A notion of moderation is far from the mend.

Questions & Answers

Question: How are destinies actually unequal?

Answer: In my poem, unequal destinies refer to the difference in one's path from others and what it leads to.

© 2020 Tiyasha Maitra

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