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Under the Bottom

I am who I am. I write poetry and paint really badly. Please be patient.

Mind a state of chaos

Lungs are heavy

The weight of depressed thought,

Of a slipping mind.

There is true pain this time,

It’s not in my mind anymore,

Now it’s ripping me apart slowly

Until there is nothing left.

Night, sleep no longer comforts,

It’s a tireless fight

I have embarked on for reasons

That remain mysterious, even to me.

Am I losing my mind,

It feels that way,

How much longer

Can I go on in this state

Lost hope and dark light.

Afraid, I don’t know where to go,

How did this happen?

I need someone strong to hold me

Make me safe from myself.

Only in a lovers arms

May I feels safe once again,

For how long though,

It’s no certainty,

The cure is unreachable,

Where darkness surrounded me

And all who enter lose hope.

© 2019 Wendy Engela

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