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Under the Drowning Sun and Howling Night

The Song of Deep Sorrow

When I merely close my eyes,

One thing strike my mind

Why God of Universe forgotten the life?

The waves of terror suffocate my dream

And the tide of sorrow haunt my spine

We have lost the peace

For days, weeks, months and years

I’ve lost my words

Now I hide my grief behind the smile

I collect the teardrops in my heart

And this way I fool them with a lie

I noticed something wrong

When the leaders disappear from the crowd

They sit in front of the idiot box

And say pain won’t last forever,


Why the leaders are still in denial?

They talk for hours and hours

Of all thing we go through

But the truth is different,

Our end is different

We feel the pain and torment

They should know our life cannot be summoned in two lines.

Don’t fool us with the hoax theories

Stop dragging our minds

When our faces are filled with tears

We’ve left our loved ones behind

We are now trapped in the terror

All we miss is giggles and laugh

I’m too scared

To see life disappearing like bubbles in the breeze

To see people walking towards death’s door

Without saying the final goodbye

The world has changed

Booming land has turned into burial ground

Rivers has engulfed my dearest one

There’s sadness in every home

Then why God of Universe forgotten the life?

My land has became the place of fear and danger

And there’s no good I can see

Every single part of my land is screaming for help rather than the sympathy they show

Sitting far away from people

I don’t know who to blame

For the blood

All over the land

I don’t know who to blame

For the people who lost their jobs

And for the holes in their pockets

Every night is full of whipping dreams,

Without life

With toxic screams

I heard sobbing of people

People begging for the Essential - Oxygen

Emptying their pockets for vulnerable lives

All the eyes are filled with tears

And heart with ache

I’m too scared that one day

We all became just like rest

I look back on people’s life,

The opportunity they miss to love, to hate, to smile, to cry

And the breeze left them behind

Our wounded souls want to see the beautiful skies

Spring gates and Ocean tide

And want to breath with the whole life

But when your last breath starts to leave

Don’t give up easily

This Howling nights won’t end you

But the fear you’re watering inside can

fear is a sickness

Just remember how much you like to breath

Soon we’ll reach the end

Do not turn your back

The path has bends and turns

But Keep moving

Prepare yourself to fight the death

All the loved ones who are now asleep

Became the stardust of other world

Make me realise many things

But we all see each other very soon

- Srushti Gamit

© 2021 Srushti Gamit


Srushti Gamit (author) on May 15, 2021:

Thank you so much Brenda for such an encouraging comment.

Glad that you like the poetry

God bless you

BRENDA ARLEDGE from Washington Court House on May 15, 2021:

This is such a heartfelt write.

The words just come pouring out.

Actually expressing how many people feel.

We are overwhelmed.

Great poetry.

Srushti Gamit (author) on May 15, 2021:

Thank you so much Misbah for your kind words.

Please remember us in your prayers.

Take care

God bless you

Misbah Sheikh from The World of Poets on May 15, 2021:

This is a very touchy poem, Srushti. My sincerest prayers for India. I wish and pray that may all this Covid situation end soon. Take care of yourself.

Love India

Blessings and Peace

Srushti Gamit (author) on May 15, 2021:

Thank you Ravi Rajan!!

True.. The situation of India is getting worse day by day. Everyone in India is currently facing dreadful impact of COVID -19.

Each and everyday we are losing our close relatives.

Though the active effort of doctors, nurses and para medical staff is praiseworthy.

Hope this all will end soon.

Take care and God bless you

Ravi Rajan from Mumbai on May 15, 2021:

A very touching poem Srushti. Yes we are all going through a hard time and death is looming all around us. But I am confident that each one of us has the grit and the dogged resilience to get out of this situation and blaze out winning. Thanks for sharing.

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