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Under The Weather Day Two

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I Went For A Drive

Muscles not as sore

My stomach still wants to talk to me

Flipping and flopping around

Like there is a party going on and I am not invited

This day is almost over

Time for bed soon

I took a nap late this afternoon

I had some oatmeal for lunch

No desire for supper

When we walked in the door

Our smoke detectors went off some time when we were gone

They went off for no reason

They were old and made sure we changed them

I couldn't get them to shut off

I called a neighbor and he came over

They are all hardwired with a battery back up

We tried changing the battery

Then we cut the power

We installed new ones

They were not easy

The holes didn't line up

Two hardwired and three battery powered

No matter what they wouldn't stop chirping

We tested them time and time again

My neighbor did most of the work

I was more like his helper

Then it dawned on me

We have a carbon monoxide detector right below

Bob my neighbor and savior

Thought maybe it is causing some kind of interference

We moved it to another room

Only after switching it around with another one

Taking it down and putting another battery one in

Thinking one could be defective

He stopped at nothing

What turned out to be a four-hour project

Of course, I had to move things around

The penalty of having too much stuff

His wife Nadia came by for more support

When he came the smoke alarm had been going on for at least an hour

He showed me some tricks of the trade

By the time we were done

My neck felt it had been stretched three sizes bigger

Even though he did all the work

You had to look up and twist

He let me try

I couldn't get it right

If my life depended on it

All said and done

Our home is quiet again

I can't thank my neighbors enough

I am happy to say

All the smoke detectors are working fine

Their battery is good for ten years

I don't want to rush it

By then I think my neck will be back to normal

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