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Under No Illusions Anymore

Heather has a Bachelor's Degree in English from Moravian College and has been freelance writing for more than 13 years.

Now that enough time has passed, the truth is out

Realized that the imagined love story had a shelf life

That lasted a lot longer than it should have

There was always an ending in sight from the start

Didn't see it until it was too late to realize it for what it was

A story that had a prewritten ending from the get go

An imperfect pairing of two complicated souls

One with too much experience and baggage to handle

Other with not enough experience to see through the flaws

Too compassionate to believe all the lies told to get by

They weren't even a reality; just a mirage to smile by

No longer under the guise about a supposed future

That it was supposedly written in the familiar stars

Or some lousy Hollywood driven romantic comedy cliché

Realized that the rose colored glasses covered the cracks

In the façade that everyone else could see for miles

Thought of everything as a pair instead of individually

Put themselves on the backburner to allow them to shine

Elevate them while they faded into the background

Unfair to their identity and personal needs

Was way too accommodating to the other's needs at times

Buying their favorite ice cream; even though you hated it

Ended up watching a lot more cartoons than was cared for

Wondered why a relationship had so much give and take

And that the scales were never properly balanced

Deluded into believing that they were Prince Charming

Instead of a common thief in the disguise of a gentleman

Annoyed that internal naivete made it impossible to tell

Strange to understand why loved ones never voiced opinions

Until after the dust settled and the truth was revealed

Realized that the protagonist would never have listened anyway

Wanted to follow their heart no matter what the consequences were

Still trying to rebuild enough trust to try again

Finding a decent enough of a prince grounded in enough reality

While also maintaining enough integrity in the meantime

A work in very arduous progress.

Searching for a prince with the right amount of charm and substance.

Searching for a prince with the right amount of charm and substance.

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