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Under Fire

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When Superman Isn't Around

We are here on the ground

Finding a day to day struggle

Even the little things that become a hassle

There is much we can do

To keep our spirits up

Pull ourselves together

As if we were made out of cotton

Put each piece in place

One sinks into the other

After awhile we see some progress

Things can get messy

We are not perfect and never claimed to be

Look around and see what we have

Not just all the material things in our life

The people that make up are our family

Don't forget our friends

Each person has their own faults

We love them just the same

So as I go to work and try to think of ways to stretch my last dollar

I also know I am not alone

There are times when work becomes a hassle

There are also those times where work becomes my haven

Where I can do my job and meet people who I have known for years

I receive comfort and friendship

Will everything change drastically tomorrow

I doubt it very much

I do know each day is better than the one that came before

Because we are smarter

We are wiser than just a few minutes ago

As we take on life

Life gives back

In so many areas we fail to notice

Over time things will surface

The job that I do today

Will help me

Leading me to a better and brighter tomorrow

So for all those who are struggling with issues they have not solved

I hear you

I am giving my all time best and so can you

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