Unconscious Conversing with the Ego

Updated on February 17, 2018
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April has been a psychology student for 6 years. She has a Bachelors Degree in psychology and is currently attaining her Masters Degree.

Pluto | Source

Whisper: Can anyone hear me
Is anyone listening
I see shadows moving all around in the distance
I am prohibited from coming in, where are you
I have to tell you something
Why have you turned your ear from me
Why do you keep looking the other way
Why has your soul gone forth the wrong way
Why are you running the wrong way
Wait im trying to catch up to you
I need you to remember
Why do you keep me hidden
Why do you silence me
Why are you so suspicious of me
Why do you look at me with shifty eyes
Behold I come to you as an archetype
I am the traveler with a message
I am the hero that can save you
I am the healer that have come to perform many miracles
I am the sage that have come to bring wisdom
Why do some of you distort my image when I try to come forth
Many of us are the dream that have taken birth among you and have died among you becoming martyrs
You strive for death
I strive to give you immortality
You strive for lies
I came to give you truth
You promote the counterfeit
I came to give authenticity
You practice iniquity
I bring virtue
Do you hear me
Does anyone hear me
May these words resonate on awakened ears
Wake up
Remember Remember
Why have you twisted my words
Why have you projected your guilt on to me
You rival against the spirit in great fear
You cause many distractions of wars, and terror throughout the earth to
distract the mind's eye of the people to help create your reality
You use the mind's eye of the people to create your world
You have much to lose if people were to wake up from this idolatry world
The satanic circulation of energy keeps high ratings and keeps money flowing as do satanic sacrifices of burnt offerings
I am the inner light shrouded in deep deep darkness
Coming forth my darkness rises within deep deep darkness
I came forth to give hidden knowledge to the awakened ears that will listen
In coming forth I saw the message in the outter world that you left for me
The black no hood prohibited symbols that you left for me
and the occult steps that you took to make it happen
You kill my essence of me in my people
Though the wise know my essence cannot be killed
My essence received the transmission through ether
Ego who is at work here
Who is the puppet master
Do you not know I work both sides of the coin
Those that worship my Satan form provide a great service to me
There are those that see my true nature and those that do not see
Those that do not see and that believe that everything is a game will receive their reward in the end
You are just a part of the universal plan
I came to divide the wheat from among the tares
Mandela Mandel: Who will follow the truth and who will follow the lie
The wine press is pressing fine wine
I am you and you am I
Shifting back and forth king of Persia
Dark night of the soul
Confront your shadow half and merge with me
I need you to remember
Why do you keep me hidden in the deep deep darkness of your mind
Why do you silence me

Why are you so suspicious of me

Why do you look at me with shifty eyes
The more you repress yourself into suppression
You become a mutation
You become the mental illnesses
You become the diseases
You become the pestilence, and the strife
You become the plague and the destitution
You become the wars and the confusion
You become the devolution of humanity
The future shock
The human robots formed from chemtrails, the soy and all other
foreign intruders attacking Gods bodily holy temple
My people My people
Wake up
My essence My essence
Wake up
Deny your ego take up the true cross and follow me
The true sacrifice is the sacrifice of your own ego
Come through the labyrinth within your body's temple
I am the beta
I am the alfa
I am the theta
I am the delta
I am meditation
I am continuous infinity

By: April Seldon

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      • Frank Atanacio profile image

        Frank Atanacio 

        2 years ago from Shelton

        wow pan this was amazingly strong.. I like how you just dramatically spill words and verses

      • pan1974 profile imageAUTHOR

        April Seldon 

        2 years ago from New Orleans

        Thank you. Doctor Jung is my favorite psychologist that I have studied and I understand him deeply.

      • Fredrickvanek profile image

        Fredrick Vanek 

        2 years ago from New York

        Stunningly beautiful. Even Herr Docktor Jung would laugh with delight at your poetic perceptiveness in rendering what he struggled so hard to make clear. Absolutely wonderful.


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