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Unconditional Love- A Couple's Trial

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A Couple's Trial

Woke up early in the morning
She already cooked and prepared our daughter's things
I wonder why she woke up so early
It wasn't our Anniversary
She kissed me and hugged me
And i still don't know why she was sweet as a honey
She whispered and cried under my ear
"It was our Daughter's first day to School"
And i don't know why but tears falls down from my eyes and cried like a fool
We sat down in our little table and ate what she prepared

We ate, talked, and laugh it was one of the best feeling i ever had
She was just talking to our daughter, brushing her hair
And i smile to her looking like a proud Dad

As we were distracted by our giggles and laughs, i forgot that i need to take her to school
I immediately get out of my seat and get my jacket
I whispered to my daughter's ears and tell her a secret
My wife asked me what is it that i whispered upon our daughter
I told her it was a Secret
She was mad and angry
She shouted and persisted
But it was a secret i could not reveal
Our daughter never existed

© 2018 Mandirigma