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Uncommon Incident

I like adding life to lifeless lives that is why I cannot do without creative writing, because it is a way of touching some hopeless lives


Her father is a pastor,

While her mother is a

Teacher she really enjoyed this

Combination of jobs of her parents

When her father takes them

Through the spiritual aspect of

Life her mother would take

Her children through academics

Through this they became a

Force to be reckoned with

Among their peers in schools

And have won many academic awards

During the Easter period as

The culture of the family

They would join other

Christian faithful for 72 hours marathon fasting

This program is usually held

In the premises of their

Church where they would use

All the hours of prayer

Which is usually 3 hours

Interval, “12-3-6” and so on

To commune with their God

Committing the year ahead into God’s hands

They have been in this

Position for 2 days and

On the third day the

Last day one of them prophesied

While prophesying, he faced her

And told her that something

Strange would happen to her

When she gets to institution of higher learning

That thing would look like

Embarrassment to her and this

Incident would degenerate such that

Some external bodies would intervene

She should know that one

Of those external figures

Is her husband when that

Happens she would know and shouldn’t miss it

Two years after she secured

Admission and everything was

Going on well until some

People misconstrued her motion

Her explanations fell to deaf

Ears until external figures were

Invited to the imbroglio, while

Talking with her she noticed something

When one of them started

Talking to her and what she

Noticed was the palpitation of her heart

She was surprised. What could be happening?

She asked herself, forgetting the prophesy,

But the sign she could not

Forget. When she discussed with

Her mother, she remembered the prophesy

Asked her about her relationship

With the guy. I have never talked

With him one-on-one until that day

I doubt if he knows me

Let us keep our fingers crossed

Her mum enthused, he may

Be a fulfilment of the

Prophesy of yester years

This was when she recalled

The prophesy and started been on

The watch out for anything from

The guy. But it seems uncertain

For the guy should have

Been married, he wields so

Much authority among the people

That she did not think unmarried could wield

Well as mama said, time

Would tell she said to herself

While she continued with

Her studies in the institution

Then something happened she received

His text message when she was

Writing her examination wishing her

Well. This is nothing

Because there are people who

Have also sent messages of

Good wills to her on her

Examination, thus bruised it aside

Then he started calling her

And the acquaintance began. True

To it the man is yet

To be married she later gathered

She found it hard to

Believe when she heard the message

Assuming it was from outsider she

Heard it, she wouldn’t believe

But the man told her himself

That was when she believed

Then she returned to

Brief her mother of what she heard

Her mother sighed and said

To her to continue to play

Along with him, and then should

Be bold to talk to her one day

About not given up trying.

On an occasion when they were

Together she asked him when

He would get married and he told her

He had no girlf and cannot

Say specifically when that would

Be. But why? She asked. I

Have tried many but their

Responses were negative and I

Am afraid to try again

He said. Well thou will not

Relent, she replied him

Just as she finished that

As if he was waiting

For her to say that, he

Said can you then marry me?

I am not saying me, she

Replied him, I said you should

Keep trying. She reiterated what

Her response to him was

Yes, I heard thee and

Know what you said, I am

Also putting it across to you

As a lady that can you marry me?

She felt blushing all over

Her, couldn’t talk. As he

Continued or have someone you

Are dating? No, she replied

Then, please marry me he

Stated again. Now the words

Of prophesy and her mother’s counsel

Have been fulfilled.

They continued with this and

Will soon be together for

Ever as it has been stated

Uncommon things occur uncommonly.