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Uncharted Waters

Where Do We Go From Here

Lately it's been one thing or another

I can't seem to catch a break

Then again it always could be so much worse

So I am thankful and not ungrateful

I just want to see things moving along nice smooth

I am done with the rocky road

The funny thing I love Rocky Road icecream

I have to catch my thoughts

Either that or let them slip away

I haven't had a nice cup of tea

I changed my shirt to give a fresh outlook

The sun is going down as we speak

I lied down with our cat Charlotte

A few licks and a purr

She always makes me feel better

My wife went out with the girls

I text a few friends and left messages

There has been a lot going on lately

So much to digest

I enjoy the simple times

I don't do to well with a lot of stress at once

Things happen and we have to find a way to make it better

It's very hard when you are in the thick of it

It can be done

That is when it matters the most

It is easy doing things right when things are going fine

It is a lot harder when the cat fur hits the fan

It is not long before you are covered

All over your black shirt

Where you can see every hair

Stay positive and get back on the right track

Cloudy days come but the sun will come out

Even if it is tomorrow

For all those people who might be down in the dumps

Hang in there

I have been there

The breeze is blowing my way

Boy does it stink

I will have to keep moving

Until something new and better breaks

I believe strongly

Writing is therapeutic

Have a good day

Maybe even a great day

I honestly believe good things happen to good people

Then they create a super nova effect

We just don't know when

When it happens

We both will know

Until then keep trying

Tomorrow might just surprise you

When it does

You can say I told you so

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